Organisational Design that delivers better results

We are a specialised management consultancy that organisations trust to deliver high quality organisational design.  Our ability to work collaboratively with our clients, apply innovative cutting-edge tools and provide sound advice sets us apart.

Our organisational design expertise enables you to achieve an efficient, customer-centric and innovative business organisation


  • Our approaches and tools embody Design Thinking and Human-centred Design principles.

    Our tools make it easy and effective to involve the right people from the start and co-create a design that makes implementation less complex.

  • We understand how important social networks and collaboration are in modern organisations.

    Our analysis works out which collaborations are vital to make things run smoothly.

  • We use best-of-class People Analytics tools to develop and test multiple scenarios for the new organisational model.

    Sitting across the table from our clients we can in “real time” develop the optimal model while keeping an eye on costs, headcount and key outputs.

We assist our clients to address a range of Design Challenges

We need to save X% on payroll across the organisation. Where can we find efficiencies without compromising the most important work that we do?

We have undergone a major shift in strategy and need to check whether our organisational structure is still fit-for-purpose to deliver results.

We are growing at X% p.a. and need to resource the organisation to meet this demand. Where do we add jobs, how many, at what level and with which skills?

We are pretty sure we have the right organisational structure but need to work out why things are still not working well. Perhaps it is a specific role or specific collaborations that need to change?

Beatrice takes a strong collaborative approach to business transformation and works closely with senior executive and management teams to provide strategic advice, resources and tools to lead organisational design. She has broad corporate and public sector experience and extensive networks that support her to achieve a variety of project outcomes on time and on budget.

Associate Director at NSW public sector organisation

Beatrice provides targeted advice and guidance to grow and manage complex businesses. Her customised approach to sharing the setting and management of metrics and budgets assists even the novice manager to understand these complexities, and the planning necessary to maximise the business outcomes.

Manager, Professional Development at a large NSW public sector organisation

Beatrice has a strong HR background and does fantastic Organisational Design work. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to use her consulting services.

Executive Vice President, People and Organizational Development at a multi-national resources company

Beatrice managed a major organisational change project within our organisation. Her professional approach, solid understanding of organisational processes and connection with teams made her extremely effective in the role. Beatrice’s strong interaction with stakeholders at all levels as well as effective project management, allowed for the development of a reinvigorated and focused organisation.

Head of Manufacturing Development at a multi-national top tier FMCG company