At Hofmeyr Consulting our Organisational Design methodology is a systematic, strategy-centric, data-driven and collaborative approach to defining an organisational structure, that has a track-record of achieving great results. Our experience is that equipping business leaders, HR and change professionals with a robust methodology and practical tools, greatly increases their confidence and effectiveness when embarking upon organisational change.

Our courses provide participants with a conceptual framework for organisational design as well as walks through a methodology that can be applied to large-scale transformation initiatives, all the way through to business-as-usual restructures

Practical Organisation Design for Leaders (1 Day)

This course is suited to Business Leaders in both public and private sector organisations, embarking upon operating model implementation, a restructure, an organisational review or merger/acquisition integration. No previous experience in organisational design is required.

Organisational Design for HR Professionals (1 Day)

This course is suited to HR and People & Culture professionals in both public and private sector organisations, and in particular Business Partners and Specialists.  This course provides in-depth insight and practical approaches to partnering with the business to achieve effective operating model implementation, a restructure or merger/ acquisition integration.

Organisational Design for Change Professionals (1 Day)

This course is suited to Change professionals supporting a variety of transformation and change inititiatives, across a wide variety of organisations and sectors. The course provides a systematic overview of the organisational design process with an in-depth focus on change strategies that greatly improve organisational design and change outcomes.