A practical approach to Organisational Design

The context for Organisational Design

Hofmeyr Consulting has developed a practical model to guide effective organisational design. All organisational design starts with strategy — be that the strategy of the organisation, the business unit or the function.

From there, we define the organisational capability and capacity. Organisational capability and capacity is the optimal combination of people, process and technology working together to implement the strategy.

Organisational design is therefore the “people side” of implementing strategy. It is the alignment of key value chain activities with organisational structure, skills and metrics.

When you have effectively implemented a good organisational design, you will watch it shape your organisation’s performance and culture.

Challenges in Australian Organisations

To find a way to design more effective organisations, Dr. Hofmeyr interviewed 40 Australian organisations of various sectors, industries and sizes.

The people interviewed are experts in the fields of strategy, transformation and organisational design. They have experience over many years in leading and supporting significant organisational restructures, and share a passion for effective organisational design.

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