• What service and/or product do we provide to customers and key external stakeholders?
  • How are these outputs and outcomes measured?
  • What are the core activities of the organisation? Which are the highest priority activities?
  • How do these core activities connect with each other?
  • What do we depend upon to receive from internal and external suppliers?
  • How is work coordinated between functions to prevent silo thinking?
  • How does cross-functional collaboration occur?
  • Which roles play an important part in facilitating coordination and collaboration?
  • Is it clear where and how decisions are made?
  • Which decisions does individual roles make autonomously?
  • How do social networks influence how work gets done?
  • Which key informal networks are essential to preserve going forward?
  • Which high skills is essential to the future organisation? Are these generalist and/or specialist skill sets?
  • How do we ensure we have the right skills in the right roles?
  • Are roles clearly defined?
  • Are roles designed at the right level?
  • Do we have the right mix of specialist and generalist roles?
  • What are the optimal spans of control for managers?
  • Do we have the appropriate number of jobs to meet capacity requirements?

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